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Simmons Schools, Blount County

In a coordinated effort between the BCGHS and Blount County Schools, the 'Schools of Blount County' database, printed in the Spring 2017 issue of The Blount Journal, has now been added to BCGHS website.

The BCGHS has linked this database with the photos section of the website. Any school show in blue in the database is linked its own photo gallery.

Here is where we need your help! As part of Blount County Schools' 150th anniversary this school year, the BCGHS wants to grow their collection of photographs. If you have any digitized images of schools, students, and teachers, we would love to add them to this collection! Does your old collection of photos include any like this image of the students of Simmons School? Then your willingness to help can support this project!

Visit the database or the gallery today to see how you can support this project!

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