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the BCGHS Forum page - minor change and invitation

You may notice a change to how you now access the Forum on the BCGHS website. Our forum service, ProBoards, has a policy regarding embedding their forums into other websites. Unbeknownst to this policy, our forum had to be removed from the BCGHS website.

All is not lost! ProBoard's BCGHS Forum is still exactly as it was before it had to be removed. When you click on "Enter the Forum!" at the bottom of Forum guidelines on the BCGHS, the forum will now open in a separate window on your browser.

From December 5, 2016 to today, our BCGHS Forum has had 835 visits! This free tool for your Blount County genealogy research is becoming quite the high traffic resource. Unfortunately, with an average of almost 30 visits a day, there have only been 2 posts within the same time window. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO GROW THIS RESOURCE!

  1. Please consider joining the BCGHS Forum as a member. While posting as a guest is more than welcome, membership has its privileges. Notifications to a post you make, for example, happen when have your own account for the forum. The following information is needed to create your own account (all information remains confidential to you, the account holder): Your email address and a password of your choosing for logging into the forum, your name for display on the forum, your birthdate (a ProBoard security feature to verify that your age is over 13), and your gender. Create your BCGHS Forum account here!

  2. POST! Having you as a member is great, but we want you to share...

  3. ... your questions. Blount Countians have a wealth of information. You won't know if you don't ask!

  4. ... what you know. Posting confirmed information on the forum that you have about your Blount County history can be a great resource to others. This is a BCGHS resource - cite with frequency and accuracy and be willing to help others.

  5. ... your threads/posts with others. The "Action" menu on a post or thread means that you can "Share Thread" with others on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or email.

We hope that this tool can be a resource that serves as a benefit to all working on their Blount County history. We feel that the organized format of the BCGHS Forum becomes a regular stop on your various websites of digital research.

Are you ready?


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