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Where can you find out more about DNA testing?

The Answer is at our very own BCGHS website. Donny Anderson maintains The Blount County DNA Registry (independent of the Blount County Genealogical & Historical Society). The registry is the place to compare your test results with others if you have Blount County DNA connections.

I do not have Blount County connections that I know of (yet) and I am no expert on DNA. I am just learning about it (like you may be) even though I managed to edit an article in the spring 2016 issue of The Blount Journal on the Blount County DNA Registry and DNA testing. You can get much more information about ALL DNA TESTING at the Registry link.

After much deliberation on taking a DNA "spit" test that did not appeal much to me, I saw that Family Tree Finder is a test that takes scrapings from inside the cheek. I liked that much better. There is a Mother's Day special even today (the day after Mother's Day until ?) for $69. This is a basic test.

After reviewing the Family Tree DNA video and the DNA comparison charts, I decided FT DNA is the one for me. I would still be hesitating to do a test if it weren't for all the information available right from our website. Now, I can't wait to take my test, mail it in at the US post office, and get my results back.

Why did I hesitate! It is easy and I am confident that I know exactly what I am ordering at a great price. (Regular price is $79 for the basic test and that is still a great price). Customers are also very happy with the help and service they get from Family Tree.

However, the Family Tree Finder may not be the test for you, so you can review all the tests from The Blount County DNA Registry link on our website. Knowledge is the key to success. Find out the facts, and order the test that is right for you. Thank you, Donny, for making this information available on the BCGHS website.

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