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General Sherman Comes on Blount County: Part II
Civil War & the Phelps Family of Blount County
Photos of Service for Pvt. William Thompson Phelps
Maryville College and the Civil War
Explosion of Steamship Sultana & Blount County Men
Blount County's Negro Soldiers in the Civil War
Civil War and the Anderson Family of Four Mile
Absalom T. Farr, Union Man
Henry Pride: Former Slave, Civil War Soldier
Attempted Bridge Buring at Strawberry Plains: Pickens Men
Greenberry Payne, Civil War Soldier--His Family in Blount
Petition for Reimbursement for Wheat Taken During the War
Courthouse Records Saved When Maryville Set on Fire
Recollections of the Civil War in Blount County
Three Brickey Brothers and the Civil War
Civil War Veterans Buried in Magnolia Cemetery

Fall 2011

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