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One of the objectives of the BCGHS is, "to bring together persons interested in genealogical studies and in the collection and preservation of genealogical  and historical materials pertaining to Blount County." 


We have been in discussion with Jackie Glenn at the Blount County Archives regarding their need for volunteer support to assist them with various tasks that involve the handling of official historical documents. 


We are searching for volunteers to work 3-hour shifts at the Blount County Archives on McArthur Road, starting next week (Feb. 7th and 9th).  The tentative plan going forward is to schedule morning (9-12) and afternoon (1-4) sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at least once a month.  Initially, we will begin our work by handling estate records; removing the folded documents from small envelopes, unfolding them, and placing them in archive grade, acid-free folders.  We will be instructed on the process by archives personnel and will initially be working in small groups. 


This is a great opportunity for us to serve the county and to get a better understanding of the documents that are available in our archives, as these records span the entire history of Blount County from the late 1700's to modern times.  


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact BCGHS Board Member Tim Walker at (865) 977-1183 or to schedule a time when you are available. 

Blount County Archivist, Jackie Glenn

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