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List of Civil War Articles previously in the Blount Jrnl.
David Spradlin(g)'s Civil War Service & Pension
Blount County During and After the War Between the States
What Happened to Some Families During the Civil War
Blount County Votes to Secede on June 8, 1861
Civil War Facts from the East Tennessee Almanac
Blount County Civil War Script
General Sherman Comes to Blount County-Part I
Letter from Dr. Samuel Pride to His Wife
Photographs of Pride Mansion
Nathan Sparks: Cades Cove Leader and Defender
Some Civil War Articles From Brownlow's Knoxville Whig
Captain William Hutton Henry
Family of Napoleon Bonaparte McClain of Blount County
Poem: The Fifth Tennessee
Court Documents: Transcribed vs. Original
Uncle Andy Paul
Greenback Order of United American Mechanics: Photo

Spring 2011

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